Punar Vivah 15th April 2013 Written Update

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Punar Vivah 15th April 2013 Written Update by Rimjhim

Punar Vivah 15th April 2013 Written Episode

Scene 1:
Location: Yash’s residence.
akash apologises profusely for his behaviour. Suraj says that he is the most fortunate if akash actually realises his mistake, as from now on he would have 4 instead of 3 sons. akash turns to radha maa too and apologizes for insulting her. Radha hugs him emotionally. arti says that she managed to give him the wedding gift that she wanted. radha is overwhelmed

Later, the sons of the family are sitting down at leisure, chatting away. Pankaj cracks a joke, which only akash finds funny. All of them together get to teasing pankaj. arti omes in to tell that their wives are waiting for their respective spouses. Prateik says that they wont go, and if she wantgs icecream, then they would send to her room. But akash says that they would have to listen to arti’s words, and all of them should go to their rooms. As all disperse, akash is about to go, when arti tells him that she knows that he doesnt consider ishita as his wife, but he would get to love her her as she’s not a bad girl. He says that she is not what she seems to be. Arti stops him saying that he shouldnt talk like that, and asks him to give ishita one chance for her sake. Akash goes obediently.

In his room, akash comes to ishita, who wonders that he would start shouting any minute now. she thinks that if he hits her today, then she too would respond back, but is surprised when he helps her to take off her jewellery. He says sorry for behaving like he did. he says that he has married her, and its a pious institution, and hence they should start afresh and give each other a chance. He is about to cup her face, but she flinches thinking that he would hit her again. Akash tells her that its due to arti, who turned him into a human. He says that had arti not been there, he would have been dead today, and goes on to recount how she had helped him to live. he says that now he understands everything, and the importance of his family. Ishiuta is baffled at all this. Akash leaves for getting a family photo to put in the empty frame lying in his room.

Ishita says that now she has to admit that there’s something in arti, that he could change akash too, but she shouldnt try to impose akash on him, as he can never be her husband. she says that she wont let akash near her, as her love and her life is only for her Yash. They may be the Ram Sita of this house, but in today’s world, she would never let Ram be Sita’s.

In their room, arti asks yash to guess what she feels like doing. Yash gusses icecream, and other stuff to eat. Arti says that she feels like listening to lots of praises about her from him, about her personality. Yash is baffled at this question, saying that he loves her whole. arti asks him to be more romantic in his opinion. She says that she’s disappointed with him. Yash says that he’s not a born poet, but still more than words, he believes that true feelings speak more than poetic words. He says that he wants to see her till the last breath. arti says that she cant grant him that, as she wishes that god give him a long life, and wants to die married. yaash asks her never to talk like that again, and says that they would spend their life together. He shuts down the lights and they hug each other. A romantic embrace follows. ishita watches their silhouettes, and thinks that arti has completely captivated yash, and the child is bringing them closer. She thinks that she wont let this happen, as she’s willing to lose everything in her life, but not yash.

At the dining table, the kids compliment the halwa that radha made. Yash and akash say that whats happening isnt right, as they arent being pampered when they too are her kids. Suraj and radha laugh at this. Radha feeds them. Radha says that they would forever be kids for her, but they should grow up now, as they have to welcome the newest member in the house. All say that they await the delivery of the child with much eagerness.

Suraj thinks of gayatri and her hopes for the child. Yash says that they would fulfill gayatri’s dreams for their child. vidhi says that if its a son, then he would be an engineer, and if a girl, then a doctor, as gayatri wanted to become in her college life. Arti asks suraj what does he want his grandchild to be. suraj says that its their descision, he just wants him/her to be a good person. Meanwhile, Akash tells ishita to go to his room, and give the keys of the locker to arti. This surprises the family, and shocks ishita. The screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Buaji tanuts ishita saying that she doesnt wish that even her enemies dont get the luck that ishita has, as she was dressed as a bride, yet yash turned away from her, and went back to arti, who skillfully snatched away from her what was rightfully hers. ishita is very upset to hear this.

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  1. Raji says:

    Hi namaste suni, amaica, mk, kartik, neha, jai, and all.

  2. Bluesnow says:

    hmmmmmmm wonder how this will turn out. she better not be thinking yash hugging her.


    akash being romantic never thought this day would come after his rants etc

  3. trinity says:

    Thanks for the links blue palak injury will happen today and the ball stuff will take place wed or thur.
    I have to say sorry for my rants yesterday,when I saw thoes spoilers about the snake ploting to make aarti lose the baby it struck a nerve,as a woman who has suffered a miscarriage it brought back some extremly painfull memories.So I don’t think I could watch dis current track.
    Will still check in buts dats it won’t watch until dis crazy sl is done with.
    Hope everyone understands.

    • Bluesnow says:

      oh trinity so sorry to hear this. dnt worry you have a personal angel looking after you.

    • trinity says:

      Thank u my friend.
      Wats really bugging me here its how they are portraying it as a game
      Everyday it a new plot to cause harm to a woman and her baby its just to much for me to sit tru.

    • Miss Unbelievable says:

      ITS COOL Trinity just relax and enjoy

      we’ll signal you when Ishta fails

  4. MK says:

    Hi good morning loyal PV fans, my fellow Trini and West Indian and all others,
    From what I’ve just read and seen, if Arti has complications for the rest of her pregnancy, then that means Yash would be with Arti 24/7, bad news for the snake. See all her efforts to hurt Arti and separate her from Yash is getting them closer.

    Just like the PV of Suraj and Radha backfired in h face, so to her effort to separate Yash Arti, I hope.

  5. Bluesnow says:

    Good morning to all on the western hem, good afternoon to all on the eastern hem


  6. karthik says:

    credit-if member

    Aarti ko lag gae kisi ki buri nazar)P7News seg WU

    hello guys
    i just watched P7Newz segment
    the background voice says that jald he aarti scindhias ko waris dene wali hai but lagta hai aarti ko lag gae hai kisi ki nazar
    they showed that radha ma aarti ki nazar utaar rahi hai
    then the voice says that lagta hai nazar utarne ki bawajud buri nazar ne aarti ka pecha nahi chora
    it was shoewn in the segment that aarti is about to enter the kitchen when a football hits on her womb(stomach) and aarti falls on the ground …
    aarti calls out for yash ji
    the kids come running mama mama what happened to you?
    then yashji comes when he sees aarti on the ground he panics and ask aarti what happened aarti ji?…

    the reporter said aarti ka tou pata nahi but yash ji ki halat thek nahi lag rahi(we dont know about arti but yash was not looking good)
    they show GC offscreen
    he laughs and says that i have carried 80kg (80kg ka wazan uthaya hai tou halat to definately kharab hoge)
    then akash says that yeh sara sar na insaafi hai aarti bhabhi ki wazan tou 48 kg se zyada nahi hogi
    aarti says that even ansh can carry me but dont know y yash ji is saying like that
    she says when he carried me from the ground mere baal un kay haath k nechay aagaya and i was shouting ouch but yashji though i m acting

    it was nice segment
    all of them were having fun…

    • trinity says:

      Hi karthik,I belived it also said the injury will create complications for the rest of aarti’s pregancy!
      Have a nice day everyone.

    • Bluesnow says:

      do you guys think the kids threw the ball by mistake or did the snake do it.

  7. karthik says:

    there will be interesting twists waiting for us in the upcoming days just enjoy.

  8. karthik says:

    very nice episode

  9. razia says:

    After tarally follow the story, I just really hope the writer to turn ishita good too, the way he turned akash. yes we admit ishita has evil plans, but we have to bear in mind that ishita was a victim of the kidnapping plot. Should we condemned someone, dubeyji is the one to condemn. If he was not kidnapping ansh, arya will never thot of divorce, hence, ishita will never be a victim. Ishita was once to commit suicide, but akash saved her. She was hoping akash to love her but it didnt turn out as she wished. Through times, the revenge increased in her and yet she’s to be what she is. A little attention poured by Yash in previous episodes will definitely catched her since she is hungry for love. Therefore, I really hope the writer to turn her good, so we people may learn something: there’s a beauty in everyone’s heart and we shud give ppl a second chance. šŸ™‚

  10. Amaica says:

    Hello Suni,

    Just checked in to say Hi…..

    • Amaica says:

      Hello ,Kris,Blues,Trinity,,MU,

      The show is great,Just read comments and thought I will add a penny thought… it’s nice to see the family unit together….and just great to see the Prodigal Son return home.

  11. bluesnow says:

    well this lady is crazy she needs to be in a mental asylum ” artist has cast a spell on yash “” were does she think up these things from. wonder what the locker has in it.

  12. miss unbelievable says:

    Hello to al

    Been busy with work my life and ppl

    To the show. I love the fact that today Akash is now a full scicindia and I’m happy PapaS was forgiving its like his punar viviah itself has brought love and magic to the house happiness is restored. Its good to se the 4 musketeers bonding anf enjoying each others company. Its so cute and sweet and so cheerful.

    Even more magic as the lights were dim and our lovely couple being intimate not as in love making but being alone and enjoying each others company. And yes during our lovespell we were interupted by a bloody peeping tom today. And I try not to focus on the little bitch but when the writers keep on throwing hwe in my face 24\7 maybe I should write them a threatening note to get rid of thios excuse of a human.namd ishta (gets out ninja suit)

    Today as we see a new softer loved akash I can’t blame ishta for the new behaviour. I mean as woman to woman she was being abused and I pitied her but I was more pist off when she stayed there instead filing for divorce and getting a new man. The pity stopped at her abuse now when u target a married man and his lovely family maybe akash needs to beat more humanity into her stuck up ass. Yes being abused seeing a more tame part of your spouse its scary and suspicious can’t blame her there but when u try to mess with someone marriage….bitch please go sit yo ass in a corner and shut up. I tell you this woman brings the evil outta me.

    Ishta made her bed go lay down in it and rot. The bed was hard. Now. Its getting comfy and soft and instead of harming a man who will never look at youshe should be enjoying her comfy bed with a new. Emtional man Akash. The more I see her the more I want to throw her down some stairs and truly cripple her not so cripple ass. The bitch ain’t cripple she looks perfectly freakin normal to me then again when her mind is so gotdamn evil and twisted she is totally freaking cripple after all.

    So as the show has predicted ishta will attempt to murder arti this is what should really happen:

    After she kils arti is she planning to kill akash as well? She might as well…anyways

    Ishta should lie to akash and let him take arti to the hospital. She should plan the car crash and other staging. She would think they died but in truth saved. Arti will go into labour and have the child at some village while akash should be badly injured and can’t move. A village gil who takes care of of akash will fall for him and he shall love her too. Arti wil be weak due to some infect so for 2 mths arti and akash in a village. In the meanwhile ishta will be sweet widow drug yash to make him think they got intimate then her dad will pressure PapaS Radha and the family for yash and ishtas wedding. When they are about to perform the last rituals of marriage they arti and akash will stop and come with baby arya then the police will follow and arrest Ishta as she was so careless in her plan. Then shell be out of the house Akash will divorce her and marry the village girl who cared for him when he was critically injured in the village

    • Bluesnow says:

      hello jus today i was asking about u.

    • miss unbelievable says:

      Yh I’m good I replied below

      Its just work sleep and other issues but I do read just less on the commenting

    • PAT says:


      I too was so angry as to what she is doing peeping into my future mother and father’s room………… The writers are doing this to make me angry,, and I can’t take it any more…………

    • miss unbelievable says:

      Baby Arya (PAT) don’t come out yet its not time you have 2 more months to go or 1 but yeah calm down lol

  13. One direction says:

    Buaji is making ishita more agresif towards yash.I HATE U ISHITAR!!

    • Bluesnow says:

      not really yash but arti. she will blame arti. even akash was praising arti on how she saved his life




  15. Sonya says:

    Beatiful episode. Love the story.

  16. MK says:

    Wow, pictures,

    Thanks for adding pics,

    • MK says:

      Have to attend a wedding next week end and would really like a sari like Artis to wear,
      I wonder if she ll consider lending, hehehe
      Beautiful sari.

    • MK says:

      Dat peeping Tom want some pepper sauce thrown in her eyes.

    • trinity says:

      How about acid, stupid character!
      In the words of Bunji Garlin “IS VEX AH VEX”

    • Bluesnow says:

      mk are u kh in the fbk above?

    • trinity says:

      Hey ladies there is an absoulte disgusting pic on the mittals fb page with the snake playing mommy dearest to palak to look good in yash’s eyes!
      I had my fill of this show,I”ll still check in chat wit d wonderful friends I made here but as for watchin pv I”m done.
      After seeing wats coming up in the spoilers I good.
      Fan from very 1st epi but they lost me today.

    • Bluesnow says:

      hey trinity i posted it earlier on with comments check it out

    • Bluesnow says:

      its on fridays comments

  17. trinity says:

    Hey guys was just checkin up on some spoilers for the wk,its gettin very stupid,akash knows her tru nature and does nothing,then she would try to use palaks injury which she is responsiable for to say aarti favors her son over palak and payal to cause a conflict between y&a.
    Aarti and yash get back their room only bright spot!
    Then its back to more plots and a house full of guliable clowns!
    I said I would’nt rant but its getting too stupid now.
    You writers are pushing a sl nobody likes and forceing dis shit wit dis bitch down ur fans throat!
    And dey wonder why ratings are not improving,and keep falling!
    I said this before but now I”m truly TIRED of it now!

    • Miss Unbelievable says:


      hi trinity how are you

      calm down sweetie then again you are expressing my feelings exactly

    • MK says:

      I think I could do wit a lil rise in BP. Mine to low right now and the way PV going it might skyrocket hehe

    • trinity says:

      Hi MU hope u r well?
      Its to much now,I”m tryin to cool bout all dis crap,but its to much now!
      Dey give us a lil bone now and again,wit yash and aarti cause dey know dats wat the fans love,den like a slap in the face!dey hit u wit truck load of crap to follow it up!
      And its has been goin on for months check back u will see it to. Reaching my breaking point! With a show I loved so much.

  18. Bluesnow says:

    man im so tired overslpt and missed class. does anyone knw what happen to MU.

    • Miss Unbelievable says:

      hi bluesnow how are you

      i havent been commenting because im trying to get back into the groove of things at work plus trying to catch up on sleep

      PV is just making me wonder if my blood pressure will incraese due to ishta and the writers stupidity

    • MK says:

      Welcome back MU

    • MK says:

      Hey Bluesnow, late night or is it the heat that have you so tired.
      It’s really not these days and so much smoke from fires in San Fernando. The house is full of dust and getting everybody sick.

      Sme of this sickness should spread through the airwaves and give it to shiteta then she be laid up in bed and can’t peep on our lovebirds.

    • Bluesnow says:

      hey mk i think my body run down. yes a whole set of ash also

  19. raxia says:

    After all the scenes being commented, i really inspired by akash repentitious moves. Aksyah cry is real, much better than kratika’s. Really love his expression. And ishita . . . If she dare to touch aayu, i believe yash will never forgive her n that will be the worst moment ever in her life. Well, this drama targetted 1000 episodes. I just hope its plot is properly planned as per niw n not dragging too much like pavitra rishta. Really wish the writer n director to be smart enuff to drag our feelings . . . I think they mifht get maya into punar vivah to make her nice, but that wont happen too soon, or else there wont be a drama at all. Syabasy akshay, i am beginning to love ur character. šŸ™‚

  20. Anu xD says:

    Now having seen the current track I see a bit of a love story with an addition, what I mean is take for example Qubool Hai there is no marriage just love so Asad can get anyone one and so can Zoya it is undetermined their story can go either way but in Punar Vivah Yash and Aarti were destined to unite and held together by the bond of marriage and eternal love so what Iā€™m trying to get at is Yash and Aarti never had the chance to be seen in love with someone else other than their dead spouses so I-shit-a was put there to question Yash and Aarti relation and have us think will they be together?!?! That is one reason and the next is they needed a bloody snake to make trouble! xD

  21. MK says:

    Hey guys, looking at the news on the bomb blast at the Boston marathon. 2 died and 28 injured.
    My god, hmm, was that shiteta trying to get Yash attention hehehe.

    So sad though. No one came forward to take responsibility yet.

    • Anu xD says:

      Lol saw it too MK and you think she has the brains to do that?!?

      Now having seen the current track I see a bit of a love story with an addition, what I mean is take for example Qubool Hai there is no marriage just love so Asad can get anyone one and so can Zoya it is undetermined their story can go either way but in Punar Vivah Yash and Aarti were destined to unite and held together by the bond of marriage and eternal love so what I’m trying to get at is Yash and Aarti never had the chance to be seen in love with someone else other than their dead spouses so I-shit-a was put there to question Yash and Aarti relation and have us think will they be together?!?! That is one reason and the next is they needed a bloody snake to make trouble! xD

  22. Anu xD says:

    Hey hey MK how are you? Not too sure you’ll see this but I was in Trinidad forthe past two weeks and which I was still living here, cuz nothing can be a trini style doubles and aloo pie

    • MK says:

      Hey Anu, and you did not drop in a line. Bad girl.
      Anyway, hope you enjoyed your stay.
      Yesterday Trinidad has that effect on everyone who visits.
      Love me my doubles and aloo lie especially from debe lol šŸ™‚

    • MK says:

      Pie hehehe

  23. trinity says:

    Sometimes I cuss out my tv wen I see its face,and I know its just a show!I”m I goin nuts?LoL!!
    She is like bad rash dat won go away!or a cockroach dat just won’t die!!!
    The ankle its ok less pain today.

    • Anu xD says:

      I understand again I know it’s just a show but I threw a pillow at my tv last night when Ishita had her scene and I wanted to shatter my phone screen when I saw her looking at yash and Aarti through the door just a minute ago

    • trinity says:

      Whoops posted in wrong spot

    • trinity says:

      Yeah girl somedays I think I goin to destroy d whole room!!

    • Anu xD says:

      Even if it wasn’t meant for here it describes Ishita and my relationship well

    • MK says:

      Got you though, please don’t destroy your tv and phone folks, hehehe, it only going to put you into un necessary expense. Lol

      But true that witch give us out here ther effect for sure.

    • PAT says:

      Trinity,, You’re not alone in it….. I nearly threw my remote at my TV the other night,, just because the witch was there…… I know it just a drama but I really hate that witch…………………

  24. Anu xD says:

    Okay so I honestly see where you guys are going and I agree for the first time Punar Vivah actually shows us a look into the future of whats to come. But what Ishita doesn’t understand is that hard times bring love ones closer and if she touches Arya’s kids or more so unborn baby it will only make Yash and Aarti’s bond stronger and obviously if Aarti loses the baby as Yash once said Aarti can conceive again. And this will only bring them closer both romantically and mentally. So I wish Ishita all the best in her plans that will never succeed and I know that the writers never fail to surprise us so can’t wait!

    • arya fan girl says:

      your thinking about that imagine yash going crazy like he did in mubai on ishita she die on the spot

    • Anu xD says:

      What?!? I dont understand

    • Miss Unbelievable says:

      lol i get that

      anu what she;s saying that remember when Yash was loco crazy before he fell in love with Arti
      yeah if anything happens he would do worse to Ishta because she cant handle the crap that Arti went through plus he would even be deadlier towards her

  25. Gurmeet's Love says:

    I’m asking myself how will Wichita ever get Yash?????? Can’t she see that its truly impossible??? Why is she so blind and Witchible???
    Now she’ll try to hurt Aarti and little Yash/Aarti. But whatever she’ll do, she’ll just bring Yash and Aarti CLOSER to each other. And we will enjoy their togetherness.

    And now questions and suggestions for the writers:
    Why is Ishita still in this serial? Can’t Akash just throw her out of the house after revealing her evil things to everyone?… And after she’s gone Yashji and Aartiji would find an angel for Akash. Oh and yes, they’ve to sent Ishita to the mental house šŸ™‚ . And one last thing: can you please not let Ishita peep ArYa’s private life? Its really irritating…

    Thank you for letting me share this

    • PAT says:

      Gurmeet’s Love

      I agree with you………..Why is witchshita still in this serial?????????????? PLEASE get her off this serial we don’t want and we don’t like her either……

    • Anu xD says:

      So true and I believe that Aakash is loyal to his Aarti babhi so he won’t let the witch succeed in her evil plots against Yash bhai and Aarti Bhabi

  26. MK says:

    Heeeeyyy, that Shiteta not learning from all her dumbass plans going kaput and blowing up in her face and having the opposite effect.

    Hope all her plans keep failing like all before. Because everyone knows that when you try to hurt good innocent people, it backfires big time.

    So hope that shithead plans keep backfiring and getting Arti Yash closer together and making Arti great in the eyes of Akash and everyone praising her left right and center.

    I tell you, we have to get Maya Bua ji remarried ASAP people, then she not going to be that bitter old hag and shed be Arti best friend like Akash is. Then the snake would not have an instigator and be along in her dark gutter.

    • trinity says:

      Hello mk u got a very positive outlook on this SL!
      Meanwhile I”m on the verge of a freakout!
      I”m really hopin PV doesn’t take the same road as other soaps.
      When the nutty stalker was spying on aarya I wanted to smack her around wit my crutches! And dats jus from reading d update!
      I hope by month end dey could be done wit dis sl!PLEASE!!!!!

    • MK says:

      How’s the foot dear.
      If you smack with the crutches and it breaks, your loss? Doe waste so much energy yaar.

      She gonna fall flat on her face on her very own. But hope it happens soon, very soon.

      I don’t think I could take that bitch much longer.

  27. ann says:

    It’s nice to see the family together. It’s is true that this baby is the precious one that ties Yash N arthi in Love. Since the pregenancy things r diff for Y & A the love n bonding is growing in them. Ishi is eyeing on the baby now???? will she cause any harm to the baby or she’ll take baby away from them ……like akash was taken from his family…. Only Akash knew her evil game! n he’ll be the protecter of Arthi n Baby. Hearing her confession she’ll do anything to get Yash. Trouble is on the way for Arthi n Yash relation. Still I believe they will stand together as pillar of support by themself. It’s disgusting of Ishi to peep into Arthi N Yash private time. Lets c how things twist n turn b’coz it’s drama……………….

  28. jose says:

    nice episode……….

  29. Bluesnow says:

    at the end of the episode akash told shita to give arti the keys but she will give them to radha ma instead she so doesnt like arti. and arti is the one who accepted her first no matter she was to marry her husband.


  30. YashAarti says:

    love Arya! hopefully one day will love akash and ishita’s jodi

  31. YashAarti says:

    even though im happy that yash and aarti are going to have a child, if ishita does try and kill it it wouldnt be a bad thing for ArYa.

    if the baby is gone, then yash and aarti can have a child which wasnt a mistake. they can have a child without having to be drunk snd mot an accident. that moment would be more special

  32. ammara says:

    suni my dear i’m so sorry for your loss i dont know much about what happened and im so sorry that im now responding i wasnt around for the last week or more ……
    i know you are very positive and beautiful person and always remember time heals everything.

    stay strong and keep praying…..

  33. trinity says:

    Hey pat its all pointing in dat direction,she knows she will never have yash because of his love for aarti.
    So in her mind it will be get rid of aarti and the baby and yash is hers!
    Sick sick “woman”

    • Bluesnow says:

      hey trinity i am seeing shita will get fed up of hearing everyone praising arti and worrying about her baby and she will try to harm them i am so glad akash is finally on our side and shitface alone.

    • trinity says:

      Hey blue your rite check out my other comments,the full on crazy is about to be unleashed on aarti and the baby!

    • PAT says:

      Trinity,, I hope not………. That lady is more then crazy,,, and the writers should not do this to us the viewers and fans of Punar Vivah because of that witch ishita.

    • trinity says:

      I really hope not pat!

  34. ammara says:

    hello everyone how are all of you doing
    i totally missed a lot with the easter vacation spent time with the kids and hubby

    nice to be back catching up keep good

  35. sallyy says:

    loved the episode…great bonding between the brothers, so nice to see them getting along very well….and that little joke was quite funny, awnnn
    loved the way akaash was complimenting aarti, nice devhar bhabi they will make in the future šŸ™‚ i guess he has changed for real…
    aarya’s scene so soo romantic, such poetic words they used, and the romance in the dark too…loved it!!!!
    omg i hope ishita is not targetting aayu…please nothing should happen to aarya’s baby that wouldnt be funny at all……
    and bua oh bua oh bua! i was so wrong to think that you have changed!!!!!

  36. Raji says:

    Enaku rompa pitichathu. Akash intha alayuku maruvanga nu ninaithu pakatha scene.
    Ishita ku innum enna venuma, akash change aakitanga so akash a ethuka ventiyathu thane. Ethuku innum yash a ninaikanum.
    Final a ishita yum maya yum onnu senthutangala. Avlotha family a purichuduvanga. Marupatiyum yash and aarti puriyama iruntha k than.
    Total a episode nalla irunthathu.

  37. finusa says:

    lovely episode.
    Seems like one big happy family minus ishita!
    She is hell bent on ruining arti/yash’s marriage.
    I get the feeling akash will get rid of her..
    Very happy that Akash has changed for the good.

    So buaji is back at her best? Instigating ishita now?

  38. Raji says:

    Nice episode.

    Achche romance yeh.
    Muje bazat hagaya.

  39. PAT says:

    Wow,,, I haven’t watch the episode yet,,, but I think from the reading it will be a great episode……….. The witch is calling Yash her man,,, oh wow, what planet is she living on where her brother-in-law is hers……. Bauji will not let the witch live but treats her the way she used to do Aarti…… Akash need to expose the witch that he call wife to everyone so they can know what he doing and thinking… PLEASE writers we can’t take it anymore with this witch ISHITA,,,,,, she NEEDS to leave the serial SOON PLEASE…………………

  40. trinity says:

    Hi pv family nice epi will watch to nite trini time
    After reading dis we all know where dis is heading the snake is goin to try to hurt aarti and the baby!
    Like we didn’t see this coming?
    All the talk about the baby by the family and aarti and yash scene wit yash telling don’t talk about her death.
    I think they pretty much laid it out today.
    Its a extremly sick mind the snake has,and wit the pre cap with maya taunting her about yash and aarti’s love I think dat gonna push her over the edge.
    And her plots to harm aarti will start.
    Sick sick sick “woman”!!!!

    • PAT says:


      You are right…… Why is the witch still on this serial??????????????? I hope Aarti don’t lose her baby because of the witch and the writers can’t do this us like this………………… Bauji is another person,,, she needs a live of her own and I don’t know why they didn’t include her in her brother’s PunarVavih……….. If the writers make the witch to cause Aarti to lose her baby,,, that will be the last time I watch Punar Vivah……………

    • trinity says:

      Hey pat its all pointing in dat direction,she knows she will never have yash because of his love for aarti.
      So in her it will be get rid of aarti and the baby and yash is hers!
      Sick sick “woman”

  41. MK says:

    What the hell is wrong with Buaji still,
    I say we get her remarried, that will end her bitterness against Arti and she would stop being a meddlesome busy body. Why she poking fire for shiteta so? When is she gonna tell Akash she’s in love with Yash?n
    This promos are only hyped up and it sizzles down to nothing happening. Just like the wedding.

    I WISH TO GET BUAJ MARRIED ASAP who’s with me on this one?

    • finusa says:

      i think the promo was shown to make it look like she told akash..but really she was talking to herself..?

      Im equally upset with buaji..she never stops.
      She should learn to respect arti/yash.

    • PAT says:


      I do agree with you,,, and I hope the writers will not dragged this thing forever………. The witch need to be expose and we can’t take it anymore………………………….

    • Bluesnow says:

      MK im sorry but i will have to disagree on this one with u wat is wrong with bua ji she just fanning shita flame against arti and her kids did u read the precap now i c y ishta will try to hurt kids but she doesnt knw that what ever she does wil just bring arti and yash closer. hope she doesnt try to hurt unborn baby.

    • ammara says:

      buaji punar vivah im with u but who would want to marry that bat face lol

    • trinity says:

      Hi everyone, you ladies are right hopefully it won’t drag out much longer!
      Just learned fron a pal on IF the fall palak will suffer was meant for aarti,the snake will throw a sticky substance on the floor for aarti to fall but palak will fall victim to it.

    • Anu xD says:

      Lol my grand Ma was preaching this for a long long time and I agree

  42. swapna says:

    nice episode

    Aarya rocks -Aarti wants praising form Yash and yash and aarti conversation is very good and very happy to see every day

    Yash rocks

    Aarti rocks

    PV rocks

    Enjoyed the episode

    buaji taunts will make IShitha medam more evil than now
    and she will target Aayu baby and medam aarti and yash if knows they wont tolerate

    want to see how drama unfolds

  43. jeeth says:

    wat a speedy update…thumps up

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