Qubool Hai 13th May 2013 Written Update

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Qubool Hai 13th May 2013 Written Update by Rimjhim

Qubool Hai 13th May 2013 Written Episode
Scene 1:
Location: Outside, on the road
A highly dramatic entry of Ayan into the scene. He dashingly gets down the bike, and zoya walking past, falls into his lap accidentally. Zoya is shcoked and finally calls out “ROBERT” meaning its Ayan. They get into a verbal scuffle, as usual, everytime that they meet. Ayan is shocked at the news of zoya’s and asad’s marriage, and zoya asks him to calm down. As zoya sees the bag, she asks if he is going anywhere. Ayan is hurt that asad has grown so apart that he didnt even tell ayan about his marriage telephonically. She tells that its not the case, and how they both dont want to get married, but its due to some issues that they have to. Ayan is surprised. While zoya is very angry at the tailor for being so late, ayan resolves the issue, as to why they are getting married. He tells as to how asad must have been hurt at them, after their family insulted dilshad so badly, and therefore that must have been the reason, he agreed to marry her, as he didnt want to hurt her more, and hence keeps her word. Zoya is angry at this statement. He tries to clarify that asad refers to her as a problem, and therefore wont want to marry her, willingly and she too feels the same about him, unless she too has feelings for him. He reminds her of the same advise that she had given her about love, (MITWA MOMENT) and asks her point blank, if she is in love with him, as there’s no other reason for her to marry him. Just then, the person comes with her package, and she avoids his question, saying that she has to hurry, and leaves. Ayan thinks that she keeps fighting, and therefore cant be in love with him, and definitely she has thought of a way out, of this marriage.
Scene 2:
Location: Ayan’s residence
Nazma and the others look around for zoya, but she couldnt find her. Meanwhile she gets busy in attending the guests. Dilshad too enquires about zoya from asad, and asks him to find out about her. Tanveer is happy thinking that zoya cant show her face to them, and soon there would a big scene about zoya.
As asad enters the room, zoya also arrives from the back door, and is scared to find him searching for her. She stealthily gets into the room, but asad finds out about her, as she slips and causes a noise. She tries to present an explanation, while asad refuses to buy it, saying that if she’s in the room, why didnt she respond to his calls. She says that he too doesnt answer her questions, then why should she.(MITWA MOMENT) Asad is nervous at this issue again, of why are they getting married really. Asad asks her to get ready, as all are waiting and leaves.

Dilshad thinks that now asad also has vanished. She asks nazma about it. Nazma goes to get zoya, and is shocked when she opens the room.
The guests keep asking about zoya, taunting on her delay to be seen in the function. Dilshad clarifies and says that she’s very proud that a girl like zoya is her daughter in law, as they wont find a girl, who’s so respectable and well mannered. As she welcomes and announces zoya’s arrival, she and asad, and along with the guests are shocked to what they see, while tanveer is amused. Asad is very angry to see her dressed in jeans and kurti, instead of the saree that he had given her to wear for the function. Tanveer is very amused. They start taunting dilshad about her statements. They tell her how modern her daughter in law is. They start laughing and making a joke of her.
Scene 3:
Location: Ayan’s residence
Ayan is given a warm welcome, when he returns home, while humaira watches from hiding. Badi bi sees razia eyeing him from a distance. Razia come sand says that nopw there wont be any problem in their engagement. Rashid asks razia to let him rest, before anything else. Shirin says that she wants to see him married soon. razia says that even shirin wants this, and they shouldnt delay unnecessarily, as they are as it is tied in love. Ayan sees humaira, watching him, and is nervous. Razia asks him about his opinion. He hesitatingly says yes. Razia feels victorious and eyes badi bi, who is tensed.
Scene 4:
Location: Asad’s residence
As she reaches zoya, Dilshad is told by zoya, about the holes in the saree, and expresses her dilemma, that she had to get a kurti stitched of the saree, to salvage the situation somehow. Zoya, while dilshad is getting her, tells her that it feels like asad would eat her alive, seeing her like this. But dilshad asks her to calm down. Finally dilshad says that its so innovative, on zoya’s part, trying to cheer up, saying that its a very novel combination of western and indian dress. The ladies too start agreeing with dilshad. Asad however is still angry, but dilshad avoids his anger, saying that they should start with the rituals. Tanveer says that these rituals wont make a difference as the marriage still has some days left, and anything can happen, relating to her evil plans. The screen freezes on asad’s angry face, as zoya walks past.
Precap: As zoya stares hard at something, she is unaware that tanveer is standing right behind her, with a knife in her hand, and attempts to stab her.


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