Qubool Hai 21st June 2013 Full Episode Watch Online

Qubool Hai 21st June 2013 Watch Online-Part 1
Qubool Hai 21st June 2013 Watch Online-Part 2

Qubool Hai 21st June 2013 Watch Online -Part1
Qubool Hai 21st June 2013 Watch Online -Part2

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Qubool Hai 21st June 2013 Watch Online -Part1
Qubool Hai 21st June 2013 Watch Online -Part2

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Qubool Hai 21st June 2013 Watch Online -Part1
Qubool Hai 21st June 2013 Watch Online -Part2

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Qubool Hai 21st June 2013 Watch Online -Part1
Qubool Hai 21st June 2013 Watch Online -Part2

Qubool Hai 21st June 2013 Watch Online-Part1
Qubool Hai 21st June 2013 Watch Online-Part2
Qubool Hai 21st June 2013 Watch Online-Part3
Qubool Hai 21st June 2013 Watch Online-Part4

Qubool Hai 21st June 2013 Watch Online-Part1
Qubool Hai 21st June 2013 Watch Online-Part2
Qubool Hai 21st June 2013 Watch Online-Part3
Qubool Hai 21st June 2013 Watch Online-Part4

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46 Responses to “Qubool Hai 21st June 2013 Full Episode Watch Online”

  1. Purineeta says:

    I can’t seem to watch this can anyone help me

  2. Palak says:

    poor zoya

  3. sidd says:

    please can u not remove embedupload links after 2 days

  4. sana says:

    Hi nisha thanks for replying but the episodes on youtube are blocked in my country.

  5. zenea says:

    hi evryone….the story of qubool hai is exactly my life story..a bitch like billo had played same type of cunning tricks n then become innocent in front of my man..n he didnt believe me like asad didnt belvd zoya..i m feeling the pain n knw hw it feels…guys in my case she planed it so perfectly nd my man got married to her breaking our relation n engagment of 8 yers.i m so shocked that u guys are shwng sympathy for asad?…

    • fan of QH says:

      VERRY VERRY SORRY,that your life is beeing filmed, the only thing or piece of advice for you…………………………….DON’T WATCH IT ANY LONGER……cause it brings back to much bad memories and feelings for you . one can understand something only when they have experienced it. take care sister

    • q.h&s.c says:

      ohhh I hate asad right now I fell so bad for u , but I am sure you will find someone better than him

    • ayshel says:

      :-@ you sure will find someone better

  6. basi says:

    iss episode dhekhkar mera bhn ki aakhon se aasu khatham ho gaya

  7. sana says:

    BTW this episode was awesome, just loved the way zoya yelled at asad for a change, even though it was’nt his fault.

  8. sana says:

    can someone tell me where did all the asad and zoya scenes go from dailymotion, I dont know what happened but KSGkidewaani use to upload them and now all of her videos are gone and I can not view any asad-zoya scenes. Also. most of the episodes are’nt even uploaded anywhere on the internet. please someone tell me where can I view asad and zoya scenes.

  9. kanchan thakur says:


  10. Renuka says:

    Does anyone know the names of the songs played when they were in the rain?

  11. Asma says:

    omfg im crying!!! man tanveer is such a biotch! lol why couldnt they be married and then have issues with tha bitch! ugh stupid writers!

  12. jojo says:

    hey cant see the video

  13. Sums says:

    Oh shit y is it that both Asad & Zoya are always in such a trouble. Zoya u shld nt have reacted like this. Coz u know that Tanveer was doing that just to win. Yeah it hurts but u should try & listen to Mr Khan.

    • Renuka says:

      Yea but she doesn’t know he was drugged. That’s why she is acting like that. She thought he was conscious but he really wasn’t. That’s why she is so hurt and doesn’t want to listen to him. mr. Khan himself doesn’t even know he was drugged.

    • Sums says:

      Yeah i agree with u Renuka btw Hi, but now they will dragged the Tanveer part again i was hopin that she would be off by now. Lets hope in the Ajmer track they found the truth.

    • Renuka says:

      Hi Sums! Me too I guess now we have to wait to see if Asad finally believes Zoya when he tries to go after her. Btw do you think tanveer will no claim Asad as the baby father? I think that b!tch will do something like that…

    • Sums says:

      Yeah thats wat i was afraid of n here u say it. So i think we’ll get the fact that shell claim Asad as father of her baby. N i hope that by then Asya r together therefore they can search for Tanveer true motive.

    • Renuka says:

      Yes I agree. Hopefully Asad sees tanveers true devilness. I’m am extremely excited for the Ajmer track!!! Aren’t you?! All the spoilers are getting me so excited!

    • Which arjmen track . What is this?

    • Nisha says:

      areeba tanveer, ajmer track wil come soon. wait n watch. u hate tanveer? ur username is tanveer. just asking 🙂 :p

  14. shirley says:

    yaar koi is chudail billo rani goli uda do. i dun understand y r they dragging this tanvir story so long?? by the way poor asya…..

  15. Alex says:


  16. Alex says:

    I don’t know who to feel more pity for-Zoya or Asad…This episode was particularly devastating and somewhat funny…I wonder where Ayan disappeared to after he drove Zoya ..It’s funny that this time the joke’s on Asad and he’ll be the one who no one believes, not Zoya…..maybe it’s a good thing Tanveer chose to make Asad look bad instead of making Zoya the bad one and having Asad leave her…..As much as I want AsYa to get married, I’m enjoying this because it’s really funny.

    • Renuka says:

      I agree that maybe it’s a good thing that Asad is now the one no one believes so he know understands what Zoya feels like when no one believed her….but I don’t know how this is funny…….I do feel more bad for Zoya though because she actually said to Asad that she “loved” him….even though she said she regrets it.

    • Alex says:

      It’s funny because there are so many gaps that aren’t filled..like when Ayan drops off Zoya and then we don’t see him again…or when Asad and Tanveer just arrive home….doesn’t it occur to anyone how the two of them could bear to sit in a car together after what happened?? It’s funny in the ha-ha sense there…but it’s also funny, as in strange… For example, Asad was always scared to love because he’s afraid he might hurt the girl like his father hurt his mum…that’s exactly what happened to him,…Imagine how the poor feller feels……and also funny that although Zoya always tells Asad that he never gives her a chance to explain herself, she did the exact same thing to him in this situation..I guess they’ve spent too much time with each other…I don’t know. Maybe you won’t understand how I find it funny because different people have their own interpretations

    • Alex says:

      Oh yeah and about the Zoya saying she regrets loving a man like Asad….that really is very sad….I really hope nothing happened between Tanveer and Asad and the witch just made it look like that. Plus, Asad looks like he was really knocked out so I don’t understand how he could have done anything wrong…

    • Renuka says:

      I thought that its good that they had gaps or we probably wouldn’t have even seen as much as we did today and would have to wait till like next Tuesday to see what we saw today. What I’m saying is they moved along the plot faster. So they don’t leave us hanging. I do however wonder how the hell did they get into the car without Asad killing tanveer but hey at least we got to see someone get slapped today even if it wasn’t his fault….that was sad and a little funny.

  17. Dee says:

    I can’t stop my tears.. Oh!!! God, why why… Uski galti nhi hai.. Asad is innocent.. Poor soul.. I m feeling so sorry for asya… And, tanveer.. I am waiting when my tears will turn to joy when you die.. I hate you Billiiii…

  18. Renuka says:

    I’m like drowning in tears…..it wasn’t his fault….it really wasn’t….oh Zoya don’t worry. Now I swear this b!tch I will be laughing my ass of when you die. I’m sorry Zoya.

  19. siti says:

    just cant stop 4m crying, feel so sad
    u bitch ur time will cme soon

  20. Alia(ARMAN) says:

    Jo slap dilshad n asad ko mara tha vo slap tanveer ko marna tha tanveer ko slap nahi knife s marna tha ;-(

  21. Riza says:

    Felt bad for asad.

  22. nameless says:

    Rimjhim waiting for ur update..
    Must say a heart wrenching epi…

  23. aishwarya says:

    where is the written update

  24. Alia(ARMAN) says:

    Pure epi m zoya sirf ro hi rahi h ;-( 🙁

  25. Renuka says:

    I am uncontrollably crying right now! :'(((((

  26. arvi25 says:

    i just hope that tanveer can just die and leave asad and zoya alone.

  27. Renuka says:

    This b!tch gonna die soon!

  28. siti says:

    poor zoya, damm u bitch

  29. Pari says:

    can you quickly put the written update?

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