[V] The Buddy Project 9th August 2012 Written Update

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[V] The Buddy Project 9th August 2012 Written Update by _Priyanka_

Kiya insults Panchi and she gets upset coz of that.Ranveer cheers Panchi and asks her to ignore kiya.Piddi takes screw out of jaitley’s chair but he catches him red handed.Jaitley ass piddi to execute the plan in good way from next time.Banga asks kiya to keep an eye on everyone in class.Piddi wants to do something as bobby was upset coz of being not able to play football.

Piddi enters the class and bobby also enters after sometime.Bobby is upset and piddi asks KD for help.Kd replies that he will not help anyone.Piddi tells him that he does not wanna do anything but just tell the idea.Kiya is paying attention to them.Piddi gives him money too and KD tells something in piddi’s ear.

Piddi gets up and asks for permission to go to rest room.When jaitley asks what happened? he tells that he ate something bad and his stomach got affected.Jaitley gives permission and piddi goes out screaming. Kiya is confused.

Piddi goes to restroom.He speaks as some else and gives some message to jaitley.

Vats tells about his family going abroad to jaitley. Jaitley asks him why is he telling him this passport Purana! Vats tells him someone called the school office saying they’ve found Jaitley’s partner! Jaitley rushes out but realizes mid way that it is a prank coz no one knows about his connection with the school!

When he gets back he sees Kiya hovering outside Banga’s office! On being questioned she tells him that the other kids have bunked detention! When they reach back all 5 of them are present! Jaitley is about to ask Bobby something(Pratham is extremely nervous coz Bobby’s shoes are soiled) but Banga enters! He asks Jaitley if everything is under control! Jaitley covers up for the kids but once Banga leaves he warns them! KD is unimpressed and says the maximum they can do is give another detention. Jaitley loses his cool and says that the action he’d take wouldn’t be administrative and would result in them having to restore their factory settings! Ranveer says somebody snitched on them and pointedly looks at Kiya! KD jumps to Kiya’s defence and says that Pratham informed him about Jaitley returning otherwise he would also be in trouble! So Ranveer has no right to accuse others!

Samar wonders aloud about the relationship between KiSha! But Piddi has eyes only for Bobby. He tells everyone how he fooled Jaitley and Bobby reached in the last 10 minutes and won the match for her team! They returned after Ranveer warned them about Jaitley coming back! Bobby tells Piddi that he’s not as dumb as he looks! He’s thrilled by the compliment and runs to share this with KD bhai! But KD is still thinking about Jaitley’s warning! Naina Ma overhears their conversation and seems upset by it!

Samar and Ranveer are rating girls and are talking about which girl impacted their FB status in what way!

Samar announces that he’s going to throw a couple party and tells Pratham to start wooing Bobby! On being asked about his date he says that he’s thinking of going with a commoner. All of them spot Juhi and Pratham and Ranveer ask her if she’d like to be Samar’s date for the same..She is mighty excited and updates her FB status and decides to inform her whole friend circle back in Chandigarh!

Panchi is walking with two girls who are talking about the party. One of them says she’ll have to lie to her mom and has already bribed a guy with a week’s payment of canteen bills so that he agrees to be her date! On being asked Panchi says that she’ll be going with Ranveer.

Ranveer is flirting with a girl. The girl comments on how Panchi follows him like a helicopter. Panchi who is standing nearby thinks that Ranveer will lose his cool and hopes he isn’t harsh on her. But to her dismay Ranveer assures the girl that she’d be his date and he can never go to such parties with someone like Panchi in the same way that she(the random girl) doesn’t carry her favourite soft toy everywhere any longer. Panchi is extremely hurt.

KiSha argument! I’ve forgotten the exact thing but it was about money and buying people!

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